Xiamen - international conference center

    For this project, huayi received the invitation from the venue renovation party on January 20, 2017. We will arrange technicians to enter the site within 3 days, set up the project management department within 10 days, and complete the lighting project on April 30, 2017, which reflects huayi's quick response ability and excellent professional strength.

Xiamen international conference center is the main hall for the ninth brics leaders' meeting in 2017. There is a welcoming corridor on the east and west sides of the conference center, which is the "facade" of the whole venue. The corridor integrates the shape of the phoenix wood tree in xiamen city and the gable of xiamen traditional architecture.Xiamen international conference center covers an area of 120,000 square meters. Besides the long corridors on both sides, huayi is also responsible for the lighting project of the east and west facades.Under the background of lighting art, leaders of all countries stepped into the traditional gable shape of the meeting hall's welcoming corridor.